Introduction: What brings you here?

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As shrinks like to say at a first session, “So what brings you here?” As you may know, the answer is usually a whole lot of misery. Which may be why you’re here reading this – – a lot of misery about the prospect of having to give a presentation. The very idea makes you nauseous.

I know you may feel alone, but believe me, you’re not. Yes, the airwaves are filled with screaming exhibitionists who can’t wait to reveal their next confession. But for every reality show contestant, for every alpha extrovert leaping in front of the camera, there are many people who’d rather be elsewhere.

Or maybe you jump at the chance to give presentations, but have come here with the intention of making your next presentation more forceful, rather than forced. Maybe you’ve read how-to manuals on presentation skills that don’t quite fit your needs.

In either case, that’s why I’m here. I’m a presentation skills coach who works with a wide range of individuals. Some clients come to me to build their confidence and feel less anxious, others because English, the language in which they must present, is not their native tongue. Others come because they want to make their presentations more memorable and compelling.

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